The Village

It takes a village to do anything. We are grateful that support for this film has been provided by the following generous individuals and foundations. If you would like to make a tax-deductible gift to support this work please click here and join our team. 

Elisabeth Seldes Annacone
Alissandra E. Aranow
Bertha Foundation
Elizabeth Rodriguez Chandler
Annie Chu
Leah Missbach Day
Friedman Law Group
Rosalie Genevro and Armand LeGardeur
Molly Gochman
GCM Grosvenor
Humanity United
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
The Henry Nias Foundation
Oak Foundation
Open Society Foundation
Erica Mann Ramis
Friedman Law Group
Peter S. Reed Foundation
Karen J. Riesler and David R. Ballon
Judith Rodriguez
John Ptak
Dawn and Ben Shapiro
Susan Shaughnessy
& the Kickstarter Community (please scroll down for a complete list of incredible community supporters)

In Kind Services

As with all projects, there has been a great deal of in-kind support for The Prosecutors. We are indebted to those listed here and so many more: 

Design by Manifest Media & Sawyer Agency
Legal Services provided by Michael Grill & Jenn Bjornberg, Holland & Knight, LLP
Sound equipment by L.F. O'Connell Associates

Special Thanks

Nancy Allen
Ted Chu
Claire Dillon
Germaine Gioia and Kevin Horner
Michael Hrzic
J. Matthew Jacob
Electra Manwiller
Tess Landon
Dana Rice
Chad Sawyer & Sawyer Agency
Maren Wickwire, Manifest Media

Thanks to our Kickstarter Donors!

We are extremely grateful to the Kickstarter community for all of their support:

Doris Ashkin
Sally Armbrster
David Baker
Jill Barancik
Giorgio Baravalle
Mary Ellen Beaton
Linda Bergonia
Blue Chalk Media
David Bobrow
Erica Bobrow
Kate Brooks
Jacobi Petersen Cates
Joe Cecchini
Mary Clougher
Edye Colello-Morton
Doris Conant
Howard R. Conant, Jr.
Slavica Cvijetic
Lean Missbach Day
Severine Degee
Bruce Doblin
April Donnellan
Louise Dooley
Holly Dranginis
Ellen Way Dudash
Marie Dyhr
Beatriz Fdez
Roberta Feldman
Leigh Foster
Alexander Fricke
Meredith George
Peter Gibson
Audrey Golden
Dedrea Gray
Martha Gregory
Nora Gully
Kelly Hadden
Eda Hallinan
Ron Haviv
Diana Hensley
Elissa Hobfoll
Hunter Hollins
Michael Hrzic
Deborah Hungerford
Kathleen Hurley
Michael Hurley
Mary Ellen Johnston
Lily-Hayes Kaufman
Barbara Koenen
Claire Knudsen-Latta
Lydia Lazar
Angela Lekkas
Alissa Lillie
Laurel Lipkin
Sharon Lomofsky
Jon Macha
Soudeh Mansourian
Laura Mariano
Dunia Martix
Ashley McCall
Matt McCall
Tom Neill
Mike Newman
Grace Newton
Cheryl Noel
Karen Odyniec
Todd Palmer
Mersiha Causevic Podzic
The Pressler Family
John Ptak
Dana Rice
Eric Riggi
Molly Rob
Katherine Roloson
Sophie Russell
Nikoletta Scarlatis
Anne Schintgen
Jon-Marc Seimon
Annie Simpson
Elsa Soto
Sharon Sprague
Cody Stephens
Katherine Stuart
Andrew Szot
Matt & Nancy Tennicott
Ellen Thalman
Julia Thomas
Katarina Tickel
Jason Tomasello
Lindsay Utz
Corinna Vigier
Simona Vogel
Jeffrey Walton
Magdalena Weniger
Patricia Whalen
Maren Wickwire
Martina Williams
Lorraine Yurshansky
Inigo Zapater