The Prosecutors Team


Director & Producer
Leslie Thomas

J. Matthew Jacob

Nancy Allen
Christy Denes
Annalise Flynn-Taylor

Executive Producers
Tracey Fletcher
Ashley McCall
John Ptak

Christy Denes

Assistant Editors
Stephanie Sunata
Maren Wickwire

Production Editor
Nora Gully

Juan Arredondo
Lulzim Luigji Bejta
Michael Christopher Brown
Franklin Cantor
Ted Chu
Almir Đikoli
Ziyah Gafić
Ron Haviv
Caroline Lacey
Jared Moossy
Idriz Mujagić
Timo Mueller

Additional Photography
Marcus Bleasdale
Maren Wickwire

Field Producing
Blandine Juchs (Colombia)

Original Music
Tomas Peire

Mauricio Alejan
Samir Hrković
Tomica Mladic
Yesid Vásquez Rubiano

Music Editing
Nancy Allen

Graphic Design & Titles

Additional Graphics
Sawyer Design

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The Prosecutors is produced by

ART WORKS Projects

The rape of civilians has been dismissed as nothing more than collateral damage...Through our practice and our verdicts we show the world
that such behavior is unacceptable.
— Jasmin Mesic, Prosecutor, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Act Now

For centuries, this human rights abuse has affected people of all genders and ages, but with your help it can be stopped. Join the campaign to end impunity for perpetrators of sexual violence in conflict. Learn about effective global organizations making a difference by visiting us on social media and reading our newsletters.

All the women remain in danger...but they keep going.
— Sandra Moreno, Prosecutor, Colombia

Upcoming Screenings

23 November 2018, UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office for the Preventing Sexual Violence Film Festival