"Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina  … need to know that their struggle and issues are not local but global. This gives them strength, which they need."

A former judge of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina about the film’s ability to build awareness and the importance of that awareness.

A survivor shares her thoughts on prosecution and how it can be more effective. Photo: Jared Moossy

A survivor shares her thoughts on prosecution and how it can be more effective. Photo: Jared Moossy


Director & Producer:
Leslie Thomas

J. Matthew Jacob

Nancy Allen
Christy Denes
Annalise Flynn-Taylor

Executive Producers:
Tracey Fletcher
Ashley McCall
John Ptak

Christy Denes
Production Editing - Nora Gully

Assistant Editors:
Stephanie Sunata
Maren Wickwire

Juan Arredondo
Lulzim Luigji Bejta
Michael Christopher Brown
Franklin Cantor
Ted Chu
Almir Đikoli
Ziyah Gafić
Ron Haviv
Caroline Lacey
Jared Moossy
Idriz Mujagić
Timo Mueller

Additional Photography Content:
Marcus Bleasdale
Maren Wickwire

Mauricio Alejan
Samir Hrković
Tomica Mladic
Yesid Ricardo Vásquez Rubiano

Original Music:
Tomas Peire

Music Editing:
Nancy Allen

Field Producing:
Blandine Juchs (Colombia)

Graphic Design & Titles:

Additional Graphics:
Chad Sawyer/Sawyer Design


THE PROSECUTORS is produced by ART WORKS Projects

Expert Advisors

Expert advisors to THE PROSECUTORS include photojournalists Marcus BleasdaleRon Haviv, and Gary Knight. Expert judicial consultation has been provided by Judge Patricia Whalen, consultant to the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Patricia Viseur Sellers, Fellow Oxford University, Special Adviser to the Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court, Galya Ruffer, JD, Director of the Center for Forced Migration Studies, Northwestern University, Daniela Kravetz, International Criminal Law and Gender Consultant, UN Women, Susana SáCouto, Director, War Crimes Research Office, Washington College of Law, and Dara Kay Cohen, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School.
Regional Advisors/Translators:
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ana Ramic
Colombia, Nicole Ransom
Democratic Republic of Congo, Nancy Kabengele

Legal Advisory Committee

Paige Arthur
Patrick Dwyer
Tracey Fletcher
Lydia Lazar
Mary Page
Dana Rice
Galya Ruffer
Juliet Sorensen
Andy Szot
Wendy Taube


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